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Turbosound is a leading designer and manufacturer of professional loudspeaker systems - proven by the vast number of endorsements of major international artistes and prestigious permanent installations around the world.

Evolving from a PA rental company in the late 70s, and realising that the route to providing great quality sound at large scale live music events was to design loudspeakers rather than buy someone else's, a fledgling manufacturing operation emerged with a small portfolio of ground-breaking products: the first modular full-range PA cabinets with real midrange, the TMS-3.

Turbosound's unique, award winning designs have been developed around unorthodox principles, resulting in a special harmony between high technology in its purest form and a natural approach to the art of acoustical and electronic engineering. Many principle patents have been awarded to Turbosound over the years. Turbosound can claim the distinction of having won three Queen's Awards: for Export Achievement in 1987 and 1997, and for Innovation in 2012, recognising the success of two ground-breaking design concepts - the Polyhorn and Dendritic waveguides which now form the heart of Turbosound's core product ranges.

In the large scale touring market, Turbosound has sold more than 30,000 loudspeaker systems, having led the market through the 80s and 90s with its celebrated Flashlight and Floodlight systems, and continuing to do so with the current Aspect, Flex Array and large scale Flashline loudspeaker systems, dominating this sector. Using disciplines learned from this most demanding of markets, Turbosound has also applied its design principles and patented technology to the specialist requirements of the fixed installation, theatre, worship, corporate and A/V markets.

As a result of this, you will find Turbosound products not only touring with the best known international artistes, but also permanently installed in diverse venues such as cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants; nightclubs, theatres and houses of worship; and sports centres, arenas and stadia.

Turbosound spends an industry-leading percentage of its sales on research and development, resulting in year after year of innovative product releases. State of the art measurement equipment, prototype building machinery and purpose designed sound rooms all support one of the best professional acoustical, analogue and digital engineering teams in the world.
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